Friday, May 7, 2010

Patty, Black dominant Penetrates Woman, forces Man To suck Off!

He woke up sore. Damn... I feel like I cant move He twisted around and realized his arms were numb. I really mustve slept hard?! He layed still for a moment waiting for his arms to come back to life. And why in the hell is it so dark in here? He thought. He knew he went to bed at his usual time; 9pm. He had an internal alarm clock that woke him up everyday at 6:30am. Why the hell was it so dark in his room? I mean not even an ounce of light is shining in. Usually the bakery across the street was open by this time and their lights filtered in through his bedroom window. Ok... by now my hands and arms shouldnt be so numb... what the hell is going on here? He tried to move... to sit up... and he realized he couldnt. He was tied down or something. Now his mind was really reeling. Why the hell am I tied up? Where the fuck am I? He barely had time to finish his thought when a door opened and light flooded the small dingy room.

The light was blinding. He wanted to cover his eyes but there was no hope of that with his arms being bound behind his back. He slowly blinked a few times trying to let his eyes adjust to the light. It was then he realized he wasnt in his own bed at all. He was on some kind of foam mattress. Not the kind they sell in department stores... but some raggedy and filthy thin mattress. What in the hell…. His thought was again interrupted by a stern voice. I see our sleeping beauty is awake! The voice was that of a woman... but it was not soft or pleasant by any means. Her voice was rather stern and demanding. It reminded him of his days in boot camp many years ago. He was trying to digest this all; trying to figure out who the hell this woman was and where the hell he was at when a swift kick hit him right square in the gut. umphhh…. It knocked the wind out of him. He slowly opened his eyes to see some small feet; clad in tall leather high heeled boots. When the wearer of these boots bent down and looked him in the eyes... it almost took his breath away. This woman... this woman who had just kicked him right in the stomach; she was amazingly beautiful! He was guessing her to be about 5’7”. She had a slender frame but her tits were pouring out of her black corset top and for a moment he forgot about the pain in his stomach AND the numbness in his arms and hands.

She has the most luscious tits I have ever seen in my life... he thought. He wanted to reach out and touch her creamy soft skin but soon realized that wasnt possible. She had long red hair. It was curly and very... very long. One ringlet kept falling over her right eye. He wouldnt mind taking his fingers and moving it behind one of her ears; like he had done with his x wife so many times. What a beauty this woman was. From what he could see... she was wearing a very short black leather mini skirt to compliment her tall boots and corset. The way she kneeled down he could almost make out her panties under her skirt. Oh to be able to feel that… he started to think. She spoke again. She had a much softer tone this time. You know... you men are all the same. He opened his mouth to speak but she put her finger up to his lips to quiet him. Here you are tied up... lying half naked on this dirty old mattress in my basement; and I can tell all you are thinking about is touching me. That got his attention. Wait just a damn minute here. I dont know who the hell you are lady but Im an important man. Why in the hell am I here anyways? Who the fuck are you? I demand answers NOW. With that she laughed at him. She then turned to a 2nd female behind her. He hadnt even noticed this other beauty until now. I think he needs more time alone... dont you Isabelle?Yes Mistress. I believe he needs to learn some manners. With a smile the beauty squatting down next to me motioned for this Isabelle woman to come next to her. I want you to prepare him nicely for me Isabelle... is that clear?I want him shaved... gagged... and shackled to the far wall.Yes Mistress. Said this other beauty. With that... this Mistress bitch... whomever she was stood up... looked down on me... spun around on her heel and left the room. This is starting to feel like some of that BDSM erotic shit that I read online when no one is around. He thought to himself. I need to get the fuck out of here!

Chapter 2

Isabelle went over and flicked on a switch. The whole room flooded with blinding light. She could see he was struggling with many different things. He was aggravated by even more bright light in the once black room; his arms were tied so tightly behind his back that surely he must not have any feeling in them. He had just noticed that he was only wearing his boxers... and he had a look of bewilderment on his face. He is a handsome man. Isabelle thought to herself. He had sexy bright blue eyes... the kind that can just cut right through you. His hair was obviously well maintained in some uppity salon. It had that trying to messy on purpose look to it. It was mostly jet black but she noticed there were a few lighter brown wisps in it. Both his fingernails and toenails were very well manicured. She could also see a spot on his ring finger; left hand; where he had once worn a wedding band. He must have been married for at least a couple of years. She thought. Now his body; that was something to marvel over. He had such a firm body. He wasnt buff by any means; but his arms were very well defined as was his chest. She could tell he worked out enough to stay healthy. He had a big patch of chest hair which would definitely have to go. Although his cock wasnt hard... Isabelle could see from the formation in his boxers that he appeared to be pretty well endowed. She would guess about 7 inches or so. He appeared to be about 5’11”... but she would know for certain soon enough.

She was smiling to herself thinking about how nice it was going to be to prep this man when he spoke up. Look Isabelle... I dont know you... but if you get me out of here Ill pay you a huge reward. Im a very rich man. For all I know you have been held captive here too. I promise; no charges. Just please... Isabelle... untie me and get me out of here. Oh this is going to be fun she thought. Mr. Patterson... I KNOW who you are.How in the… he started to say. Look- shut up. If you just go with the flow here... things will be a lot easier for you. Although I do believe Mistress will rather enjoy herself if you do keep resisting. He looked shocked. How do you know who I am? Who is this Mistress?Isabelle had to keep from laughing. She turned her back to him and could feel his eyes burning a hole through her tight leather shorts. She had a great body and she loved that Mistress dressed her so sexy.

Today she was wearing some very tight short shorts. Her round firm ass looked magnificent in them and she knew it. She had just the right amount of butt cheek hanging out of them too. She had very long legs and the 5” black stiletto heels she was wearing just accentuated them more. She also wore a black leather halter... which lifted her breasts up and out. She always wore her collar around her neck... and today Mistress put her special collar on her. It was black... but it had a small charm hanging from it. Mistress gave it to her on their 3rd anniversary together. It read: Isabelle... beloved slut. She left her hair down today. It was also very long... but unlike Mistress... hers was bone straight and blonde. She had deep green eyes like Mistress... and a pouty little mouth which she had learned to use to her advantage.

Mr. Patterson... Dont you recognize me? She couldnt see him as her back was still turned... but she could still feel that stare of his on her ass. Am I supposed to? I think Id remember such an attractive lady such as you Isabelle. With that Isabelle turned and looked him straight in the eye. Mr. Patterson... you honestly dont recognize me at all?You are tall... blonde... and have a great body. So do 99% of the people who work for me... Isabelle. Im sorry if I offend you... but honestly... NO... I dont know who you are.Well this is going to be more fun that I expected. Isabelle thought. Ok Mr. Patterson... you like to shut your office door everyday at 5pm. You then get on your computer and proceed to surf porn sites for about an hour. You frequent quite a few BDSM sites. The last site you joined really turned you on. You really fantasize about being made into a sissy slut... dont you?How in the HELL….STOP TALKING. I am not done. The site you joined just last night had you jacking off 3 times in the hour. You really liked those guys being made to suck big black cock didnt you PATTY. He was actually blushing now. She could tell he was extremely uncomfortable. In fact... you had even been thinking about visiting some swingers clubs and finding your own big black cock to suck isnt that right PATTY?Dont deny it; I know everything you do on that computer. How do you...SHUT UP. Thank you. It all boils down to this Patty... your ex wife is a very good friend of mine. Right before your divorce she hired me to track your actions online. She thought you might have been cheating on her. When she found out that you really fantasize about being made a sexy little slutty woman and made to suck black cock she was surprised but not shocked. She said she had caught you looking at black men quite a few times. She said you made racist comments from time to time but it was almost as if to cover up the fact that you secretly desired to be a cuckold and made to suck and be fucked by some big black brothas. Youre wife was a swinger without you PATTY... did you know that? Hahahaha I bet you didnt. Yes... she is quite a hot little number. I introduced her to Mistress about 6 months ago and the plan just kind of developed from there. Oh he was squirming now. You mean my wife is behind…Thats X WIFE PATTY.Ok... x wife. But why am I here? What do you mean by all this... what plan

All in due time Patty. But for right now... you just need to know that I tracked your online surfing for quite awhile... I reported them to your x wife... we became fast friends when we learned we had some of the same common interests... which led me to introduce her to Mistress at a club one night and we have all been planning your transformation every since. Your x wife is thrilled you are here. She is actually paying for your training. I guess its good she got all that money in the divorce settlement... huh Patty? She has said you would have been the perfect husband if only you could have accepted her desire for other men. OTHER BLACK MEN that is… But you didnt and now here you are.Your training will last about 6 weeks. The first 2 will be the hardest for you. If you learn to just give in to your desires and true submissiveness... things will go a lot smoother for you. Now we need to get you up and get you ready for Mistress. She has plans for you tonight Patty. She looked down upon him and he was starting to look defeated. Better safe than sorry though; best to call in Wayne; one of the black men who Mistress hired to help train sluts like Patty.

Chapter 3

Pattys eyes were as big as saucers when he seen Wayne walk in. Yeah Isabelle... you need some help girl?Wayne... this is Patty... our newest slut in training. I want to make sure he doesnt try to make a run for it; even though he wouldt get far huh?! They both irrupted into laughter. Wayne walked over to where Patty was laying. Ok sissy boy... lets get you up now. Patty was still in awe of this tall black man. He was about 6’2” and had a strong firm body. He had a bald head and a huge bulge in his pants. When Patty realized he was staring at the mans crotch... he looked away; but not in time. Whatcha lookin at sissy? You got black cock envy? Awe... you want some of this big black dick do ya? What you packin there Patty? Bout 6 or 7 inches? Thats bigger than most of the sluts we get coming here for training. But you know what Patty... that still aint big enough to satisfy your wife. With that... he started unzipping his jeans.

Patterson felt like he was in a dream or something. This was just fucking surreal. What the fuck is happening to him... he thought. Through no help of anyone... his cock started to get hard. Oh shit… not now. Please boy... calm down. Dont get hard on me. He realized getting hard looking at porn was one thing but he had a really big black man... in real life standing in front of him here. He was a fortune 500 type of guy. He wore suits and played golf. This cant be happening to me. Wayne proceeded to give his cock some air. Isabelles eyes lit up at the site of it. It wasnt hard and the fucking thing was huge! It hung down about 9 inches and had to be a good 6 or 7 inches around. Patterson shook to himself thinking how large it must be when its erect. Ah... you like that dont you Patty. Dont worry baby... once we get you all fixed up Ill teach you how to treat it right. Wayne then walked over and lifted Patterson to his knees. His hands were tied behind his back but he got him onto his knees fairly easily. What happened next almost shocked Patty. Wayne actually slapped Patty across his face with his monster cock. *Slap* Isabelle and Wayne both laughed. He took his cock into his large hand and again slapped Patterson right square across the face. Patterson didnt know whether to scream in an outrage or pay attention to the rise in his boxers. He was so confused. Thats enough for now Patty ole girl. Youll get plenty more of this and more later on. With that... Wayne lifted him to his feet then tucked that huge cock back into his jeans.

Now Patty... if Isabelle unties your hands... youre going to be a good little slut... right? Patterson looked down. I… I… guess. Wayne then nodded to Isabelle who strode across the room. She turned him towards the wall. He noticed shackles hooked into the wall. Actually... now that he had time to look around; he noticed a lot of odd shit in this room. He shuttered to think of it. Isabelle started untying the tidy binding rope off his arms. At this point he just couldnt wait to feel his arms and hands again. He didnt care what happened at this point; he just wanted to feel his arms. When she got the rope all off... he just stood there. His arms were limp at his side. He couldnt move them yet. He couldnt lift an arm to defend himself if he had to. Isabelle then grabbed his shoulders and turned him around so he was facing her. If she doesnt have the nicest fucking tits Patterson thought to himself.

Before he knew what was happening... Isabelle had one of his arms above his head and locked tightly into a leather restraint. He still couldnt feel the damn things. They were starting to tingle though. She quickly grabbed his other arm and up it went into the other leather restraint. He looked up and noticed that these restraints werent going anywhere. They appeared to be welded onto some large piece of metal that was hooked onto a glider. The metal piece could be moved up or down depending on a person height he guessed? He wasnt sure. Finally his arms started to feel like arms again. Oh how they ached though. It was almost better having them numb. He was aching in places he didnt know he could ache at! He wondered how long he had been tied and alone in this basement before meeting his new friends.

As if reading his mind... Isabelle spoke up. Youve been here for almost 28 hours Patty. Dot you remember walking out to your car in the parking garage after work on Friday? There was a black man and a blonde kissing and rubbing on each other 2 cars down from yours. Well they are residents here at in Mistresss mansion too. They followed you home Patty. You are pretty predictable. Eat... shower... jack off... a little TV and then you were in bed by 9pm. Do you remember waking up shortly after falling asleep? Do you remember a tall black man standing above your bed during those few fleeting moments before you became unconscious? You didnt struggle too much when he put the chloroform over your mouth; but then again you were half asleep. Once we got you here though... Mistress gave you a shot to help you sleep for a bit. She said youd need lots of rest for your upcoming training.

At that point Isabelle asked Wayne to adjust the bar above his head. Wayne reached up and Patty heard the bar click twice. He was now on his tip toes. He was about to protest when Isabelle spoke first. Now Patty... you have to get used to being in uncomfortable positions. Itll help stretch your arms out a bit too. Just balance on your pads of your feet. You might come to enjoy it one day. He wanted to slump down more than anything but that meant putting undue strain on his already sore arms. Good thing he worked out 6 days a week. He had very strong legs. Not necessarily big and muscular... but defined and strong.

Wayne I think Ive got him under control now. If you want to watch though... thats completely fine with me handsome. Wayne pulled out a chair... and sat down with his arms on his knees. The man was sexy. Now Patterson knew he wasnt gay- he loved women… but this guy was sexy. Was he bisexual? He was so damn confused. He eyes turned back to Isabelle who had retrieved a bucket of hot soapy water. Time to shave… Miss Patty. What do you think of that? I bet you cant wait to be all nice and smooth... huh?! Just think no hair on this body at all.

Patterson didnt like the idea too well. Isabelle started by getting his chest wet and soapy with a big sponge. She let the water sit on him and it felt good. It was helping his sore muscles. She also washed under his arms and his cock. He got an instant hard on when she touched his cock. I see someone is coming back to life again. She laughed. Wayne laughed too. Even though I thought I was pretty well hung for a white guy; his cock put mine to shame. Mine seemed skinny and short compared to Waynes. Yore making his little baby dick hard... Isabelle. He laughed. She winked at him and went back to my chest. Ok Patty... time for all this hair to go. She then grabbed a can of shaving cream and spread it over my chest lightly. I guess it wasnt so bad having her shave my chest. I mean no one really sees it anyways. She went through exactly 6 disposable razors. He was afraid shed knick his nipple but she didnt. It was almost an erotic feeling. Ok Patty... time for under your arms.This…he didnt like. Men are supposed to have hair under their arms. This was making him feel weird.If I can just make it through till I find a way out... or the 6 weeks are up…Ill be ok. I can get out of here. Just go with the flow Patterson. He told himself.

Isabelle expertly shaved all the hair away from his underarms AND arms. He wasnt expecting that. She then rubbed him down with some soothing gel. It felt good against his freshly shaven skin. She told him that his skin will get used to being shaved eventually. No it wont. He thought. Isabelle now kneeled before him. His cock got rock hard. She ignored his cock though and started shaving all the hair off his pubic area. She shaved his balls and even parts of his cock. He stayed rock hard even though he had a slight fear she might cut him while shaving those sensitive areas. When she was done he had a rock hard cock pointing straight up… completely bare. Not a hair on it. She then proceeded to admire her work.

You look good Patty. I think we need to shave your legs too though.Isabelle... cmon now…I dont think… SHUT UP PATTY. And then she smiled at him. Another 10 or so razors used and both of his legs were shaved clean of hair. He felt so naked! She even shaved a few little hairs off his feet! What do you think Wayne? Wayne stood up and looked Patty over. I think shes looking more and more like that sissy little bitch he craves to be. Isnt that right Patty? Patterson just looked down. I dont know Isabelle. Dont you think he needs to be completely free of any hair… Isabelle laughed and agreed with him. I was just saving the best for last... thats all.

Wayne then moved in close to Patty and freed one arm. Now Patty... I dont want to slam your ass... but I WILL if you try to run for it. I wouldnt want to bruise that pretty little body of yours... so be a good girl. By this time Patterson was so humiliated he couldnt say a word. Isabelle spoke up. Patty... when Wayne talks to you... I want to hear you say yes sir. Got it? This was getting to be too much. Yes sir. Patty replied. With that Wayne freed his other arm but immediately grabbed both of his wrists with just one of his hands. This guy is not huge... but he has big hands... big feet... a strong body... so very tall... and such a big cock… Patty thought to himself. He almost enjoyed having Wayne holding his arms together at the wrist. His cock started getting hard again.

Wayne led Patty over to what looked like a doctors table or a massage table. It had restraints all around it though... and it looked almost like pieces could be removed. Lay down Patty. Said Wayne. Lie down on your belly and be a good girl for Isabelle.

Chapter 4

What happened over the next few hours was both painful and erotic for Patty. He lay now... chained to a mattress; left alone with only his thoughts. He couldnt stop thinking about how pathetic he had become. Maybe that is why they left him here this way. So he would have too much time to think. It was all just so surreal. How did he get himself into this mess anyways?

After Isabelle had gotten him face down on the table... she had secured his ankles and his wrists. She also placed some kind of strap across his back and it hooked on each side of his waist to the table. He couldnt be sure what it was... as he couldnt see it. He could only feel what she was doing. Once she got him secure... she raised the table up several inches. She then removed a piece of table that was supporting his head. He had to either hold his head up level or let it hang down. He deviated back and forth between the two. He heard a buzzing noise and heard Wayne and Isabelle laughing. Not being able to see was making it worse. What the hell is that buzzing noise? It was getting closer and closer to him. He soon found Wayne directly in front of him. His head was directly positioned crotch level to the big sexy black man. This was both humiliating and sensual he thought. Wayne grabbed a hold of his head and he felt Isabelle coming up behind him.

Ready... Patty? He heard Isabelle say. He wasnt sure what he was supposed to be ready for. All of the sudden he felt something cold and loud on his head and before he knew it... he saw his hair on the ground. No Isabelle... not my hair... PLEASE. They both told him it would make him be a better looking sissy and she kept buzzing his hair off. His hair wasnt long to begin with; but he prided himself in his hair. It was cut to look messy and it was easy to keep up. He thought he looked much like Jude Law. Nooooo not his hair. He didnt want to lose the hair on his HEAD. While all these thoughts were running through his mind he didnt notice Waynes very large cock right in front of his face. Now he was focused on that cock. He wanted to see it again. He actually wanted to be cock slapped across the face again. More than anything he wanted to suck on that big black cock. It shamed him to think he wanted to suck another mans dick. He knew he wasnt gay… but the thought of being made up to look like a slut and sucking on a huge black cock like Waynes was enough to send him over the edge. It was just a fantasy … until today. With that... Isabelle declared his head buzzed. She then lathered up his almost hairless head and began to shave it with a razor. He felt SO DAMN NAKED now.

She took her time in shaving his head bald. She was telling him how his pretty blue eyes would stand out so much better now. She had said hed look good as a blonde. He remembered thinking how in the hell was she going to make him blonde. He was fucking bald now. Little had he known… Finally... Isabelle seemed happy with her work. She rubbed her small hands across his head telling him how nice and smooth it felt. She put a bucket under his head and told him to let his head hang. She then poured another bucket of warm water over his entire head. It felt good. Any warmth felt good at this point. Isabelle then dried his head with a towel and stepped in front of him to admire her work. You look so much more feminine now Patty. She had said. But… I think what you really need is a whole new loo She turned around and Wayne went back to standing in front of him with his big cock buldging about. He didnt mean to... but he actually licked his lips. Wayne had told him: soon enough... Patty baby.

Isabelle walked back over and stood in front of him. Which do you think Patty? Long or short? He couldnt believe she was holding 2 wigs in front of him. One was long and blonde. It was wavy and if worn by a woman... he thought itd be pretty damn sexy. The other was short and red. It reminded him of some goth type girls hed seen. He didnt want to WEAR either. Isabelle piped up. Ok Patty if you dont choose one... Ill choose for you. He slowly said under his breath... blonde. It was so humiliating. He couldnt believe he had just asked to wear a blonde wig. Isabelle quickly placed the wig onto his head. It went on easy and nothing poked out as she had already shaved his natural hair off. It felt much like wearing a hat he supposed. It wasnt so bad. Well it wasnt bad until she brought over a mirror and told him to have a look at himself.

He could have shit on himself when he seen himself in the mirror. HE ACTUALLY RESEMBLED A CHICK. He had no facial hair... no body hair... and now long blonde waves framing his face. He hung his head back down hoping the wig would fall off... but it didnt. Isabelle also warned him that if he let that wig fall off... shed pin it to his head. Something told him she wasnt kidding. He kept his head up... looking straight ahead. He seen Isabelle come around to his back. She made some clicking noises on the table and all of the sudden his cock was free. She must have removed a small piece from underneath his pelvis. To his own surprise... his cock was semi hard. He had no idea why? The next scene brought his cock to a raging hard on. It felt like wood it was so stiff.

Isabelle got down on her knees in front of Wayne and said May I suck your cock sir? He rubbed his hands through her long blonde hair and nodded with a sly grin on his face. She then unzipped his jeans and pulled them down around his knees. The site of that big black cock was such a turn on. It wasnt even hard and it was just fucking huge. Isabelle took his cock into one hand and started licking the tip of his head. She was flicking her tongue back and forth over just the head. He reached down and pulled her big tits out of her halter top. The sight of those big white titties and that big black cock had my cock stranding straight up to attention. He was pulling on her nipples. He wasnt just gently tugging like I had done to women... but actually pulling on them hard. She seemed to enjoy it though. Her mouth opened up and he shoved his entire cock inside of it. She made some slurping noises and kept swallowing his cock until it grew to be too large to keep in her mouth. She then slid her mouth back off his cock and I about came on myself at the size of that dick. It had grown to full erection it looked like. It was about 11 inches long and had to be 6 inches thick. When he reached down to put his own hand around it to shove it back into her mouth... his hand just barely fit around it. I had never seen such a big dick in my life. He was still pulling on Isabelles nipples which were very hard by now. She was obviously enjoying this very much. She looked over at me and whispered: Now dont you want to be a sissy slut…Patty… And... I did. I wouldnt admit it... but I did. I wanted to taste that huge black cock.

Isabelle slid her shorts off to display a clean shaven pussy. She also had a few piercings near her clit it looked like. With just her tits hanging out of her halter top and some heels on... she was a sight for sore eyes. I could smell her sweetness and wanted to taste it so bad. Wayne had just grabbed Isabelles head again and slowly started working his entire 11 inches into her mouth. Yeah... thats it baby. You like this big black cock dontcha baby. Cmon baby... suck this dick. Make this dick cum all over your slutty ass. Isabelle started sucking on his cock with fierceness. She had one hand sliding up and down his shaft while her mouth sucked the first 6 or 7 inches. Her other hand was buried deep inside her pussy. I could see how wet she was. My neck was killing me. I felt like it was permanently stuck into this position but I couldnt seem to avert my eyes off them.

Sensing my growing desire they both moved a bit closer to me. They were only about 3 feet in front of me now. Had my arms been free... I could have almost touched them. Isabelle was sucking and slurping on his cock so good. She was taking more and more into her mouth. Wayne was standing there... knees bent... ass firm and clenched as he started to pound his cock in and out of her mouth. He was using her mouth like it was a pussy. He was actually fucking her face. I had read about this shit online but had never seen it in person. It was so erotic. I found myself thinking how I wanted to be fucked in my face. I wanted his balls slapping against my chin. He had a hold of the back of Isabelles hair and he was fucking her mouth fast now. I could tell that she could barely breathe... but she didnt seem to mind. Her hand was working overtime on her now dripping wet pussy. Thats right bitch. Keep it open; let me fuck that mouth. Let this big black cock pound that sexy mouth of yours. Take this cock down your throat bitch. Yeah… you like that dont you bitch. That sent me over the edge. Without even as much as touching myself... I came. My little dick exploded and I came all over the floor.

Wayne looked over and started laughing at me. Whats the matter Patty… That cock of yours is no good is it. See how fast you just fucking came? You think your pathetic little cock is gonna please any woman? No… thats why you a bitch now Patty. Youre gonna make a fine little slut too... arent you. Im gonna pound your face and break ya down Patty. All the while he was fucking Isabelles throat. I could tell that Isabelle was about to cum. Her mouth wrapped tight around Waynes cock and she was moaning without opening her mouth. Her hand was rubbing her pussy so fast and he was still pulling hard on those big nipples of hers. She pulled back for one second and yelled: Fuck my mouth Sir... fuck my mouth hard. And back to sucking she went.

My own dick betrayed me and started getting hard again. Normally after I come once thats it. I need at least an hour before I try to get it hard. Even then I need some help. A hand... a mouth... whatever… Here it was getting hard again all on its own. How could my dick be getting hard when A.) I just came. B.) I am strapped to a table. And C.) I am strapped to a table wearing a fucking blonde wig? It made no sense to me. Sir Wayne continued to fuck Isabelles face. It went on for what seems forever. Finally I seen his balls tighten and I couldnt wait to see him cum. I was ready to cum again too. My own dick was pulsating. Sir Wayne pulled out of Isabelles mouth and shot a long stream of hot cum all over her face. He then grabbed the head of his dick and asked her: You want some more baby? She had said Yes Sir... Please. He then let another long stream spray out on her face. My own dick betrayed me and came a 2nd time. I only had about 3 drops come out of it. I couldnt see it; but I knew my dick and I knew it didnt have much juice left. Isabelles face was almost covered in cum. I couldnt cum that much if I tried. He grabbed his dick for a 3rd time and told her to open up. She opened her mouth wide and he shoved his full 11 inches down her throat. I could see her swallowing over and over again. He finally pulled out and I thought hd be exhausted. I was shocked to see his big black cock still hard as a rock.

Isabelle then moved over to the table I was on. She started to untie me. Finally... some rest. I had thought. I sat up on the table and Sir Wayne grabbed a hold of one of my arms. Stay put Patty. He then pushed on my chest making the motion that I should lay down. This time I was on my back. Isabelle returned the head piece for me and I was able to relax in what seemed like hours. She then lowered the table about 7 inches. Looking down at me she said Now Patty... you may look... but you MAY NOT TOUCH. I wondered how I was to touch anything with my hands in these damn restraints at my side. I tried looking around the room but I couldnt see much.

Sir Wayne must have removed his clothes at some point because he now stood over top of my head and he was completely naked. His balls were about 2 inches from my mouth. All I could see is his cock and balls. I was amazed that his cock was still hard and ready to keep going. He had cum so much I thought hed want to sleep like I did. I could barely make out Isabelle backing up and bending over. Yeah... thats right Patty. Were going to fuck right on top of your face. My eyes were wide with excitement. I could almost forgive being kidnapped... shaved... bound to a table and wearing a wig by this point. Almost. Isabelle slowly started backing up on his cock. It was incredible to see her pussy stretch so wide to allow his mammoth cock inside. She backed up about half way onto his cock before stopping. Mmmm Sir... your cock is so big. Yes it is. I thought to myself. My dick once again betrayed me and started to grow hard. Slowly Sir Wayne started to slide in and out of Isabelles pussy. He was only putting about half of his giant cock in her. Her pussy was tight around him. I could almost see him reach his hands to her hips and pull her back further on him. Pretty soon he had a rhythm going. Her pussy was so wet it was making a sloppy noise. After about 5 minutes of fucking just half of his dick she yelled she was going to cum. I seen her pussy retract and then her sweet cum came oozing out of her pussy hitting my forehead. Awe baby... you just made a mess in Pattys hair. He said. I had a sticky cummed on wig stuck to my forehead but I didnt even care at that point.

Now Sir Wayne was really going at it. He pulled Isabelles hips back even further and he thrust all of his huge cock deep inside her. When she tried to move forward a bit... he slapped her ass hard and brought her back even harder. He was pounding her pussy now. Im not sure if she was in pain or pleasure or both. Sir Wayne was telling her Make this big black cock cum. I know mine was about to cum again. I just wanted to stroke it so bad. I had the urge to touch my cock and lick Sirs balls at the same time. I remembered Isabelles warning about not touching though; so I assumed she meant no tongue. I wasnt sure I could really lick his balls... but I had fantasized about licking big black balls before. If only I could touch my own cock though; it needed to cum again so bad. I couldnt believe I needed to cum again. 3 times is unheard of for me.

Sir was now slapping Isabelles ass with every other thrust. He was holding her hips tight with one hand and slapping her hard with the other. His balls were almost slapping me in the face. An inch or so more closer… He slowed down and pulled his cock out. He leaned back a bit and let his whole cock dangle in my face. You like that dont you Patty. He then pressed the head of his cock up against Isabelles asshole. oh hell no. There is no way she can take that big thing in her ass! Well... so I thought. I really didt think that women really enjoyed anal sex. I thought it was just a fantasy played around with online and in porn mags. I almost wanted to yell out to him to stop. Tell him to leave her alone now. But the part of me that wanted to see that huge black dick slide in that teeny little asshole won out.

He slowly put the head of his cock up against her asshole. She was squirming and he slapped her ass and told her to hold still. It took him about 3 or 4 minutes to get just the head in. She was asking him to please stop. She was saying that it was too big... shes never had one that big in her ass. He grabbed her long hair at this point and yanked on it hard. Whats that you said bitch? Im not sure why... but she then replied: Nothing Sir. Please use my ass as well as my pussy and mouth. He then spread her little ass cheeks as far open as they would go. Reaching a finger into her pussy he started to finger her as he slowly slid more and more of his big cock into her asshole. I could see his big hands rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy. She must have relaxed a little because more and more of his cock slid in her ass. I couldnt believe it. She had almost all of that black dick in her little asshole. She was moaning in pleasure now too. Oh how I wanted to jack off. I really needed to touch my fucking dick! You ready Patty? Sir asked. Yes... Sir. I said... although I wasnt sure what I was supposed to be ready for. He grabbed onto Isabelles hips and slammed his black cock full force into her ass. Over and over he rammed her hard and long. His balls were actually slapping her ass cheeks now. He had to hold her up so she didnt fall over. I noticed his balls start to tighten. Shit how I wanted to touch my own cock so I could cum. Damnit. Isabelle was in another world. She was oohing and ouching and ahhing. I would have given anything to see her face. But that would mean leaving Sirs balls… No... Id rather stay under his black balls. His nutts seemed to be getting tighter. He said again: Are you sure youre ready Patty? I said again... Yes Sir!

Before I knew what had happened... Sir had pulled out of Isabelles ass and turned around. His giant black cock was spurting huge amounts of hot cum all over my face. Open up Patty. I couldnt. How could I taste his cum? I SAID open up bitch. I reluctantly opened up my mouth and felt gobs of cum sliding down my throat. I had cum in my blonde wig... in my eyes... on my forehead... in my mouth... on my cheeks and even some going in my nose. When Sir emptied his load he slapped me across the face with his cock. I wasnt expecting that. Cum went spraying everywhere. My mouth was still open because he had filled it with his hot juice and I didnt want to swallow it. Next thing I knew... Sir had shoved his black cock deep in my throat. I was shocked. I had NEVER had a dick in MY mouth before. Let alone an 11 inch black dick. Thats right sexy lady. Clean it all off for me. Suck it clean. I couldnt breathe. I couldnt speak. I couldnt do anything except swallow his cum. He started to pull it out but then plunged it back in. He then laughed. Dont worry Patty. Youll be a good little cock sucking whore in no time. Practice is what ya need Patty... practice When he pulled it out this time... he grabbed his boxers and jeans and got dressed.

Isabelle had obviously cleaned up as she surely didnt look like she had just had a big black cock in her mouth... pussy AND ass. She started to untie me. She noticed my hard cock and started laughing. Whats the matter Patty? Juice all gone? Wayne... can you help me here sweetie? And in one swift movement they had me restrained back to that wall again. Sir Wayne lit a cigarette and sat down. Isabelle sat down on his lap and took a drag off his cigarette. You know I love when you treat me like a bad little slut. He pinched her nipple and said Thats cus you are such a bad little slut. We better clean up Patty for Mistress now. She had said. I think he needs to cool off. He laughed.

Isabelle went into a small closet in the dreary room and returned with a hose. She had hooked it up to the sink. It reminded me of those shower hoses they make for old bath tubs with no shower heads except it was longer. She pointed the hose at me and told Sir to go ahead. He went to the faucet and next thing I know Im being blasted with freezing cold water. It about took my breath away. She showed no mercy either. She sprayed my face and head so hard the wig came flying off. Its ok Patty dear. You are done being a blonde for awhile anyways. She then moved on to spraying my arms and chest... my legs and cock… she even sprayed my ass. She had me open my mouth and she blasted me with water there too. I felt like a car at a car wash. The water was stinging too. She stopped spraying long enough to toss baby oil all over my body. Then she blasted me again. The water and the baby oil together will make your skin nice and soft Patty; but not greasy feeling. I was so cold. I was freezing cold. This was the worst shower of my life.

Finally it ended. They both freed me from my restraints and each held an arm. I didnt dare make a run for it by this point. I was tired... cold... humiliated... hungry and very sleepy. Sir and Isabelle took me back over to my mattress and had me lay down. Isabelle dried me off some... but I was still cold. Sir took to placing leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and then securing them to the walls. Isabelle lifted my head up and all the sudden a big ball was going into my mouth. It was rubber and tasted awful. I tried to speak but I couldnt. Patty... we are going to let you rest before Mistress summons you for tonights events. My mind was spinning. I cant take anymore! Just let me be! When I tried to speak all that came out was umphh... umphh! Now lets go round up the boys... Wayne. I know theyll want to break in Patty real good! Well let her sleep for a few hours then Ill get her presentable for Mistress and you and your friends. Fear was running through me now. Sheer terror. Friends? And this Mistress... although striking... that bitch seems MEAN.

So here I am... I think its been about an hour since they left me here to sleep. I want to roll onto my side but Im chained to my back. Ive got spit drooling down my face now. When I think about Sir and his big black cock my own cock starts to rise again. Im not sure whats happening to me. I know I must sleep because whatever this breaking in is going to be... I think Ill need all the energy I can come up with.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bound and Cuckold

It started as just an ordinary evening at home for Lexie and I. Lexie busied herself watching her favorite TV shows while I sat at my computer... alternately surfing the net and working on various projects for work and the site. Much to my delight it did not stay ordinary for long.

Cuckold Dating

Lexie sauntered over to me where I sat at my desk. She had a look of lust in her eyes such as I had not seen for some time. I began to get the feeling I was in for one hell of a ride this evening. I was looking forward to it. “Are you feeling frisky tonight?” she asked. I didn’t need to answer the growing bulge in my pants spoke for me.
She bent to me and kissed me deeply... taking a seat on my lap as she did so. Our tongues sought each other’s with urgency. All the while... hands were frantically searching out body parts and erogenous zones. My head was swimming in excitement... passion... and yes... lust. Before I knew it... I was stripped of every stitch of clothing. There I sat in my leather office chair... stripped bare... exposed... excited.
In a moment of clarity I realized that Lexie was not nearly as undressed as was I. I reached out to begin to rectify that situation. At least I tried to reach out. It was at that time I realized that not only was I stripped bare... I was also tied to the chair. Totally immobilized... I was helpless. My bonds felt strangely familiar. I turned my head to see what was binding me and say the soft silky lengths of fine sheer stockings that held me helpless.
She stood then and began to dance seductively to the music that somehow was playing through the stereo speakers... though I have no recollection of anyone stopping long enough to tune in the stereo. As she danced she began to strip... ever so slowly. She walked towards me as she dropped the last article of clothing on the floor. There I sat... my member aching with desire and straining to reach her for release. Mere inches in front of me now... she turned and walked away.
She was gone for several minutes. When she returned she was wrapped in a towel and her hair was wet and dripping onto her soft sexy shoulders. She hung up the receiver for the cordless phone (when did she grab that). And walked into the room in which I was bound so helplessly. While I watched... she dropped the towel and began brushing out her hair. When that task was complete... a light coat of make-up came next. It was nothing extravagant... really... just a little blush and some sexy red lipstick. She didn’t need more than that. For that matter... she didn’t even need that... but I can certainly appreciate the effort she was exerting on my behalf.
With her make-up on and her hair properly primped... she picked up the towel and thoroughly dried herself before applying a coat of moisturizer to every inch of her already soft... touchable skin. Then she began to dress. A new outfit I had never seen before emerged from her drawer of delicates. A sexy black and red lace push-up Bra held her breasts oh so firmly and enhanced her already ample cleavage. The matching thong slid up her long luxurious legs and over her hips... hiding her sweet spot but promising so much to come. Next came the black Cuban-heeled stockings to complete the framing of her most womanly parts in such a fashion as to drive a man insane with lust. Topping off the ensemble was a new pair of black high-heeled sandals.
Fully adorned and incredibly sexy... she began to strut (no she didn’t walk) towards me. Still helpless but willing to await my mistress patiently... I sat and watched as she neared my silky nylon prison. I knew it would be an exciting night... and now I was about to find out just how exciting as she approached my naked... helpless body and….
She turned to answer the door. I could restrain myself no longer and uttered a protest. That is when she produced one last nylon stocking. One she had been saving for just such an occurrence. One that had been well and recently worn and still held the musty scent of her lovely feet. It was with this stocking that I found myself gagged... no longer able to verbally protest.
With my binding complete... she turned and walked to the door to see to the visitor... never stopping to so much as pick up a robe or towel to cover herself. She left the upstairs door to the apartment open and so I could clearly hear her heels click their way down the stairs to the front door. I heard the door open. Then... moments of silence as the visitor apparently overcame the shock of her state of dress. Her heels on the stairs again... this time followed by another... heavier set of footfalls. Silence... and eternity of silence it seemed (though it must have only been moments)... and then soft giggles and hushed moans. At last the footsteps resumed their course up the stairs... accompanied by more giggles and murmuring.
The upstairs door closes and I hear the sound of the lock turning. Moments later Lexie appears before me followed by a young man who appears shocked by my presence however still notably aroused. “Don’t worry” she says... “He can’t bother us. My dear husband is just so ‘tied up’ in his work.” At this she laughs a hearty yet wicked laugh as an evil grin spreads across her freshly painted lips.
She approaches me. My own state of arousal even more evident by my exposed... well... everything. She lifts one of her stocking clad legs and places her high heel on the seat of the chair between my legs. “I am feeling frisky tonight as well. And you will have the pleasure of watching just how frisky I intend to get. Be a good boy and watch carefully.”
With that she turns away from me and leads her visitor to the bed. With one swift motion she pushes him down to the bed as she stands over him. “Are you ready for me... stud?” she asks is a voice so sexy I feel I will explode from the desire to have this amazing creature. He nods a weak affirmative and she drops to her knees... slowly navigating the bonds of clothing holding his arousal in check. When his member is fully exposed it is easy to see why she chose him. He is quite well equipped to tackle the task that is undoubtedly near at hand.
For the next several hours I am tortured by the site of this well-endowed stud servicing my lovely wife in every manner and position she can think of. I am torn... however... as I cannot help but enjoy the site of such pleasure on Lexie’s face. Her screams of ecstasy fill my heart with joy for her. I always have loved watching her enjoy the pleasures of another man.
Finally spent and exhausted... they lay together on the bed... now soaked in sweat and other bodily fluids. Gently they caress each others bodies and bask in the glow of sexual satisfaction. I am still bound... gagged... and watching this spectacle until finally she rises from the bed... covers herself in a robe and tosses her stud the clothes she so expertly removed from him only hours ago. “I am done with you now. You may leave.” Stunned and unsure how to react... her visitor remains shocked motionless. “NOW!!!” she commands and he hurriedly dresses and stumbles for the door. Forgetting it was locked... he nearly runs through the door. Calmly she unlocks the door and follows as her visitor scampers down the stairs and out into the cold dark night. She locks the door behind him and ascends the stairs for the second time that evening.
She approaches me where I still sit bound and gagged... excited ad stunned... aroused and afraid. “I am not done with you yet... though” she announces as she drops the robe and stands before me... naked... raw... intimidating... exciting.

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Without releasing my bonds... she straddles me. In my excited state my own straining member slips easily into her pre-moistened vagina. Slowly... excruciatingly slowly she rides me. “Don’t you cum until I give you permission” she commands. Another eternity passes as my senses reel from the smell of sex and sweat and arousal... the site of her bare undulating body... the feel of her flesh against my own.
“NOW!!!!” she commands and I explode inside her... filling her with every ounce of my being before collapsing in the chair under her. She kisses me softly and loosens my bonds as she whispers in my ear “Now I am done with you... for now”

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cuckold - How I met my Husband - Cuckold

Surprise Cuckold

I met my current Husband Jim over the Internet. At the time we were both married and very unhappy. My husband was very conservative and needless to say my sexual energies were pent up beyond belief. I was married to a very conservative man as well who essentially wanted missionary sex twice a week.

Jim and I had an online affair for 3 months and in those three months we explored our wildest sexual fantasies online. I guess we thought we would never meet so we let ourselves go online. I use to write Jim emails beginning a fantasy and ask him to finish them. Boy, did he ever finish them. One of my fantasies was to be dominant over Jim and do slutty things. One fantasy I began was taking Jim into a seedy club and having him watch me suck some guy
off in front of everyone on the club.

One day we decided to meet for real. We met for a lunch and Jim was even better then his pictures and cam shots he sent me. We got a hotel room that afternoon and the sparks flied. The sex was wild. Iloved sucking his cock and taking it up the ass. I had
We kept meeting and on several occasions we talked about my previous lovers and how they fucked me. I admitted I had met several men online for quick affairs but always stopped them. Jim was the dominant one and really did not think he was a cuckold. He had never dominated anyone in my life but he had developed this online persona with me and now was playing it out in real life.

I told Jim that one of the men I had seen had been a tall black guy with a large cock. I said he was a Dom as well and one time he took me to a hotel room and fucked me in front of three of his friends although they had never been allowed to join in, he did let them jack off on her. Jim asked me if I liked it and he was surprised when I answered definitely. I said I stopped it after that because I was nervous as to what he might want me to do next.

That afternoon (we both could slip away from work in the afternoons) the sex was even better than before, I kept telling her what a slut I was and I replied by telling Jim how his cock didn't even come close to his huge black cock. Two weeks later during sex, that's all we did, I brought up the subject of my black lover. I said that
although I loved fucking Jim especially the way I could get deep into her ass, something he never could have done (he was too big), I still fantasized about him. Carefully I asked I could fuck him again. I said that I wanted Jim present, and perhaps he could finish me off.
Jim loved it; He had a slut on the side and a conservative wife a home. Every man's dream! Except there was a problem, I found myself falling in love with Jim.

Derek agreed and I had set up a meeting one afternoon. Derek was all game for fucking me in front of Jim. I had brought a short skirt in a bag from home and changed into it in the car and put a pair of fuck me pumps on and some make up and we met at a local restaurant. Derek was already there and I was surprised byJim sitting with Derek in the booth. Derek had no problem cozying up to me and kissing me and feeling me up in the restaurant. Needless to say Jim was a bit embarrassed as the waitress looked at us in a strange manner. Finally after coffee, Derek looked up at me and said lets go, I have room across the street. Jim was flabbergasted as I got up from the table and smiled at him and said. "Let's go honey". I guess Jim expected we would talk about it a little more before we left. Outside Derek told me to get into the car with him and told Jim to follow us.

We drove across the street to a Red Roof Inn and I got out and followed. Once in the room Derek pushed me down to my knees and told me to take out his cock. Jim just slid over to the side of the room and sat in a chair. It was like he wasn't even there. It was the first time he had even seen a black man's cock. Derek had a good solid 10 1/2 long and very thick Black rod!
Derek grabbed his prick and began slapping it on my face and talking nasty to me. Jim was getting a bit upset by it and Jim said stop, Derek looked and him and said you don't talk back to me white boy, " I haven't even hit dis mutha fucka yet". Derek asked me if I liked his big black cock slapping my slut face and I joy fully said, "Yes Derek, you know I love your big cock". Jim said "who was this woman"? Derek told him to be quiet!

He slipped into my mouth and began using my mouth like a fuck slut. Jims head was spinning, fantasy was one thing but watching me be such a slut for this big black cock was humiliating, yet it turned jim on for some reason. Derek lifted me up off the floor and there was a small table next to us and he bent me over the table and lifted my skirt up. He just ripped my thong down to my knees and spread my ass cheeks and stuck his cock up inside of me in one motion. I
let out a scream that finally brought me back into reality. Jim started to get paranoid that someone would hear me screaming and call the police and we would all be arrested. Jim was paralyzed as I watch this big black man pounding my cunt. Derek started slapping my ass and calling me a black cock slut and I would just scream back, "yes, yes, fuck me Derek".

The only time she I loud with Jim was when he was in my ass, but I was never this loud! Finally Derek looked over at Jim and said "get over here and take her panties off and stuff them in this bitch's mouth". Jim was nervous and said no, he said he is gonna let this seed loose in this pussy if Jim doesnt. Jim slipped the thong down over my fuck me pumps and Jim walked around the table and was amazed by the look on my

Jims petty emotions seem to melt away as I smiled at Jim in between moaning like a whore. Jim knew right then and there he loved me. At that time Jim didn't know why but he was just overcome with loving feelings for me. Derek ordered Jim again to stuff them into her mouth, I eagerly opened my mouth and stuffed the thong into my lips and I bit down on them and it did quiet me.

Derek used me for about an hour and he said Im gonna cum, he grabbed my hips and I could feel a heart beat from his cock throbbing, oh shit he came deep inside my fertile pussy. Then he got up and took a shower. I was glowing on the bed and smiled at Jim and motioned for jim to come lay with me. As he laid down beside me I started kissing him passionately and we made love like I never made love before. He stuck his dick into my swollen walls and came in my well used pussy within two minutes. I came so hard feeling my passion as we held each other tightly. I looked up and Derek was dressed looking at us and said he needed 40 bucks for the room. He surprised Jim with his request but he got up and gave it to him out his pants. He kissed me and said leave the key in the room when you leave and he left.

Three months later Jim and I left our spouses and started our new lives as a cuckold couple. That was five years ago and we have been happily married ever since.

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